The Pirelli Diablo rain tire, a tire exclusively for racetrack use. It constitutes a direct link between sporting users and the world of professional riders


  • The official tire of the world Superbike championship dedicated to professional riders and sporting users who are looking for top performance on wet surfaces.
  • High performance and total control even in severe wet surface conditions.
  • Excellent traction and stability at high speeds, with high performance and optimized wear lap after lap.
  • Effective for Supermotard bikes.
  • Directional grooves and block design are extremely effective, offering perfect water drainage which increases the safe feeling of the rider and the controllability of the bike on a wet track
  • The 190/60 rear, used for 600’s and 1000’s.
  • The 160/60 rear, used for SV 650’s and 250 GP bikes
  • The 140/70 rear and 100/70 front, used on the Ninja 300/250, Yamaha R3

The Pirelli Diablo Rain tire is, specifically designed for wet tracks when there is little risk of dry lines appearing. In these conditions. The high silica content aids in water repellency and ensures that the tire reaches and maintains optimum operating temperatures.

This multi-radial profile results in a diverse shape from the front up to the shoulder zone. This gives maximum durability in all lean angles. The rich-in-silica compound ensures high adhesion which provides superb traction on wet surfaces. zero degrees front and rear steel belting results in constant surface contact. The diverse tread block size guarantees water drainage which for outstanding wet track control.


110/70 R 17 NHS TL – SCR1, 200/60 R 17 NHS TL – SCR2, 100/140 RAIN SET, 100/70 R 17 NHS TL – SCR1, 120/190 RAIN SET, 120/70 R 17 NHS TL – SCR1, 125/70 R 17 NHS TL – SCR1, 140/70 R 17 NHS TL – SCR1, 160/60 R 17 NHS TL – SCR1, 190/60 R 17 NHS TL – SCR1


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