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  1. A high performance tire on the road and perfect for on-track sessions
  2. Profile and structure make it a reference point in the segment thanks to the excellent support ensured in inclination and rapid realignment coming out of bends
  3. Made with the most modern EPT design technologies developed in the WSBK, and thanks to multi-compound composition with three zones at the rear capable of optimizing the area of contact, ensures the maximum grip on road and racetrack
  4. Maximum performance on the racetrack and great reactivity on the road for incredible control of the bike in all situations
  5. A tread with an aggressive pattern in line with the Rosso style

Diablo rosso corsa tire profiles are derived from WSBK racing experience, specifically engineered to deliver the optimal distribution of forces in the contact patch area.
The footprint area is therefore enlarged and all available horsepower can be transmitted to the ground. Utilizing ICS (Ideal Contour Shaping) technology, an integration of the handcrafted care of Pirelli engineers with the support of sophisticated computer modeling systems, Diablo rosso corsa profiles full support while leaning and great confidence in cornering exits at full throttle.

Road Grip

Thanks to the latest generation Supersport compound, Diablo rosso corsa delivers grip in a wide range of temperatures and applications under typical street-riding conditions.
Racetrack Grip
Thanks to the WSBK driven compound on the shoulders, grip is also guaranteed in severe track-riding conditions at high lean angles for impressive power transmission to the ground.
Street Handling
The adoption of Ideal Contour Shaping (ICS) technology guarantees a quick and reactive ride, a reassuring contact feeling and precision cornering.
Racetrack Handling
Diablo rosso corsa ensures high capability to bear all stresses with maximum confidence even in quick direction change.
Economy on road
New reinforcement chemicals and a new a curing system allow Diablo rosso corsa to preserve performance characteristics (drainage, stability and grip) throughout lifetime.
On Track Consistency
By adopting Enhanced Patch Technology (EPT), Diablo rosso corsa ensures quick warm-up and a consistent hi-performance level lap after lap together with excellent performance recovery after stop&go.
Wet behavior
Thanks to Functional Groove Design (FGD), Diablo rosso corsa provides best-in-class wet performance for “peace of mind“ riding in critical conditions.



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