Tire Pyrometer/Air Gauge





Digital Tire Pyrometer

Why is tire air pressure so important? Motorcycle race tires are designed to work best within certain parameters of pressure and temperature. Thousands of hours go into the design and testing of a tire to determine what pressure to use for maximum performance.


Air pressure affects every aspect of a tires characteristics, load, wear, contact patch and handling. Every track and weather condition creates subtle changes in what air pressure works best for maximum performance.

This package comes complete with digital tire pyrometer , instruction booklet and carrying case that’s big enough to store your air gauge safe and sound.

The tire pyrometer temperature sensor reads in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, has a high sampling rate, 4 digit display and a hold button.

The digital air gauge reads 0-100PSI, also in BAR or KPA, and has an auto off feature.

Both items come equipped with lithium ion batteries and a 12 month warranty.


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